Results of John Lingelbach's facilitation work:

John wrote the project agreements/documents listed on the left below.

The Wood Furniture Regulatory Negotiation

This successful  USEPA "reg neg" culminated in a comprehensive agreement that served as a basis for a national emission standard for hazardous air pollutants ("NESHAP"), and a control techniques guideline ("CTG") covering emissions of volatile organic compounds, for the wood furniture industry.

Final Agreement
        Final Rule Fact Sheet      

The Metal Finishing Strategic Goals Program (1997) 

Vice President Gore officially recognized this effort as the outstanding USEPA "reinvention" achievement of the Clinton Administration.  Stakeholders successfully negotiated a set of National Performance Goals for the US metal finishing industry and a multi-stakeholder Action Plan for achieving the Goals.  An implementation phase (1997-2000) involved stakeholder groups working at the regional and national levels on developing the infrastructure for achieving the goals.    

Final Agreement and Action Plan           USEPA Press Release       

The National Environmental Performance Track  (2000)

USEPA designed the National Environmental Performance Track Program with extensive external stakeholder consultation.   The program recognized environmental performance by corporate facilities throughout the United States.     

Sample Meeting Summary          Federal Register Announcement       

Greenergy Investments Foundation (2003)

GIF, a non-profit organization, was founded to help finance clean energy projects--its mission to bring philanthropic resources into clean energy project financing.

GIF Business Plan

Responsible Recycling (R2) Practices for the Electronics Recycling Industry (2008)

Voluntary practices for use in accredited certification programs that assess electronics recyclers’ environmental, health, and safety practices using independent third-party auditors.

The R2 Practices

The R2 Checklist